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The Coal Train

Written by Alexander Mushore

Directed by Raquel Grela

Cast: Alexander Mushore, Corinne Walker, Seye Ibare-Akinsan, Darryl Russel and Marco Fabrizio.

Premiered as a work in progress at Tristan Bates Theatre in August 2018. The piece is at the present under full production development. It will premiere in London 2020.

'The Coal Train' tells the story of migrant workers across the African continent who went to work in the gold and mineral mines of South Africa. The piece explores what happens when you are taken away from your home and how identity can be challenged in a new land particularly during apartheid. The story is inspired by the late Hugh Masekela’s infamous song ‘Stimela’ and music and lyrics of Taruwona Mushore.

Illusions Of Liberty

Written by Lorna Wells

Directed by Raquel Grela

Cast:  Corinne Walker 

Stage Manager & Operator: Gwenan Bain

Sound & light desinger: Chuma Emembolu

Set & Costume: Sally Hardcastle

This production was part of the Playmill Theatre  Festival at the illustrious King's Head Theatre, Islington  in July 2019. Playmill is the King's Head Theatre's festival of brand new work.

'Illusions of Liberty' is a Black Comedy about, a woman who has a fake identity, but not one of her choosing. She is in a constant battle to maintain what people believe she is, It’s a matter of survival. Over the course of four days,after some traumatic news, she battles with hard truths, and convincing lies.

Sh#*! Talk

Written by Savannah Betts

Directed by Raquel Grela

Cast:  Anna Hoiseth, Savannah Betts,  Nathan Richard, Holly Wade & James Locke

Produced by Savannah Betts & Jasmin Greenland

Web series celebrating female friendship. 

This production is currently being flimed 
-More info soon-

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